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  • The Resistance Calendar. Put together by Michael Moore as a nationwide calendar for upcoming resistance events, including protests, marches, sit-ins, town halls, and other pro-democracy events. This is a centralized spot to get information about events and contribute information, by posting upcoming events in your area. The goal is to be inclusive of all cities and towns, no matter how small. You can search by city, state, or keywords.

  • Town Hall Project. Schedule and nationwide map of upcoming congressional forums. Attending a forum is a great way to come face to face with politicians and get your voice heard directly. 

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  • Resistbot. Resistbot tells you who your elected officials are and lets you fax them, but with the ease of just a few texts. They make it super simple to tell your representatives how you feel.  

  • Senate Committee contact info. List of senate committee chairs/ranking members, house/senate leadership, and their contact information.

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  • #BlackWomenLead. A great resource for tracking black female candidates who are in office or running for office. Donate to their campaigns, volunteer to help them get elected, and spread the word.

  • CALIFORNIA: California Women's List. California Women's List supports, fundraises for, and works to get women elected in California.

  • CabinetVotes. Easy to read chart, detailing how each senator has voted on Trump nominees. Also, next to each senators name is a telephone icon, which when clicked, has that person's contact info. Searchable by party, state, and senator. 

  • CALIFORNIA, FLORIDA, NEW YORK, TEXAS: Digital Democracy. Digital Democracy creates a searchable archive of all statements made in state legislative hearings.  Now anyone can search, watch, and share statements made by state lawmakers, lobbyists and advocates as they debate, craft, and vote on policy proposals.

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  • Be SMART For Kids Video. The Be SMART campaign was created to bring together all responsible adults to reduce suicides and the number of unintentional shootings that occur when children get ahold of an unsecured firearm. This video highlights ways of having starting conversations about gun safety with other parents.