What can you do.


  • Call your reps! Call your Congressperson, your Senators, your Assembly Member, etc, and let them know your thoughts on issues you care about. Find their contact info at https://www.commoncause.org/find-your-representative/

  • Text/fax your reps! Just text “RESIST” to 50409 and Resistbot will fax any message you want to your representatives!

  • Send postcards! Support progressive candidates in other districts by sending postcards to educate local voters and get out the vote. You can get addresses and messages by emailing Tony the Democrat at tony@tonythedemocrat.org. Consider buying blank postcards and letting your kids color them – voters will love the personalized pictures!

  • Donate to causes you believe in! Even just a few dollars can make a world of difference.

  • Read to your kids! Check out our “Resources” link for some great books that will educate, enlighten, and entertain your kiddos.



  • Set a meeting with your representatives! Just call the local office of your Congressperson or Assemblymember to set a meeting. Then talk to them about issues you are passionate about. And don’t be shy about bringing your kids! They are always welcome (and often the highlight of your rep’s day).

  • Host a Bake Sale or Lemonade Stand! Choose a cause you want to support, and set up in front of your home or ask a local farmer’s market or business if they will host you. Your kids will love making signs, selling, and even baking! Follow Bake America Great on fb for inspiration and guidance on super effective sales. Hint: Don’t price items, just ask people to “take what they want, give what they can” and they’ll give more.

  • Host a potluck! Ask your friends to “bring a dish and some dough” and collect donations for your favorite cause.

  • Host a postcarding party! Get a bunch of friends together to postcard for candidates, and let the kids draw the pictures. You can get addresses and messages by emailing Tony the Democrat at tony@tonythedemocrat.org

  • Have a party! Is it your birthday, or your kids’? Ask for donations instead of gifts. Consider asking for specific donations like diapers, books, or gently used toys to donate to needy families.

  • Volunteer! If you are in the LA area, check out Big Sunday at http://bigsunday.org/ for weekly volunteer opportunities you can do with kids. And of course follow Momtivist for loads of volunteer opportunities in LA and nationwide!