Let’s build a better world

for our kids - with our kids.  

About us.

The purpose of Momtivist is to help families participate in activism, civic engagement, and community service. We are building a family-friendly, politically active and socially engaged community. Activism is critical for our democracy, and it’s also a form of self-care and community building. Let's participate in it with our children, and share with them the joy of helping others and the importance of fighting for what you believe in.


Momtivist hosts local LA events, including creating, curating and co-hosting progressive political kid-friendly events, as well as our Progress Playdates - where play and activism meet.

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What can you do.

ACTIVISM FROM YOUR COUCH: contact your reps, send postcards, donate, read to your kids.

ACTIVISM IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD: meet your reps, host a bake sale or potluck,

have a post carding party, volunteer.


Get ideas about what to do and how to do it below.   

Momtivists in action.

Learn from other inspiring Momtivists and how are they changing the world around them.  

OUR FEATURED MOMTIVIST IN ACTION: Miry Whitehill, founder of Miry's List.


Find resources on books to read with your children, how to find events in your area,

how to contact your elected officials, and more. 

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